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cubic zirconia

Everything You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia

Have you ever heard someone talk about “cheap fake diamonds”? Or “knockoff diamonds”? If so, then there is a good chance they were referring to cubic zirconia. The name sounds like it’s something from outer space, but it is actually a long-running alternative to diamonds in the jewelry world.  This post will answer the following

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earring photography

Jewelry Photography Tips: How Do You Take Good Pictures of Earrings?

Jewelry photography showcases the beauty of the earrings that you have artfully designed and crafted. Clients see your earrings’ features through the photos you post on your website and social media. With a combination of tips for taking pictures of earrings and professional jewelry image editing, your photos can show your earrings in the best

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silver jewelry

7 Steps for Silver Jewelry Photo Retouching

Cameras often fall short of capturing the radiance of silver jewelry. The shine and intricate designs may appear dull even with the best camera and lighting equipment because silver jewelry is simply more beautiful in real life. Photos often need a little help from jewelry photography retouching to give them that wow factor. With years

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gemstone photography

9 Tried-and-Tested Tips for Taking Pictures of Gemstones

Gems are colorful stones prized for their beauty and durability. Different gems come in different colors or no color at all. Like diamonds, gems are formed in the earth and, when polished and shaped, become the shiny stones we know. There’s no doubt about the beauty of gemstones. The challenge for photographers, however, is capturing

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types of diamond cuts

14 Types of Diamond Cuts Every Jewelry Lover Needs to Know

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and with its unmatched brilliance and the luxurious image that it has had in the last centuries, it remains to be one of the most loved gemstones all over the world. As one of the most luxurious gems, it comes as no surprise that it has retained its

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luxury jewelry photo editing

Making Jewelry Photos Stand Out with Luxury Jewelry and Model Editing

It’s challenging to imagine how a piece of jewelry will look on you when shopping online. So what do jewelry businesses do? They work with models to help customers see their pieces and make purchases. But doing a luxury jewelry photoshoot isn’t enough. These photos also need refinement to make them appealing online. These days,

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