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We Bring the Creative Expertise for Your Branding and Advertising​

Our professional team delivers on your creative and marketing requirements.
Our high-end photo retouching services can elevate your jewelry photos into beautiful visuals that bring revenue to your company.

Our Services

Achieve your advertising and sales goals by enriching your marketing materials with precisely retouched photos of your jewelry. With our photo retouching services, you can dazzle, entice, and earn the patronage of your target audience.

  • Dust and Scratch Cleaning – We show your jewelry in their most pristine form.
  • Background Cleaning and Removal – We prep your jewelry photos for editorial spreads and e-commerce layouts.
  • Stone Polishing and Shine Repainting – We make sure audiences see the glimmer and shine that may not have been captured on photo.
  • Shadow Creation – We add depth and realism to your jewelry pictures.
  • Color Correction and Editing – We make sure your photos show exactly how your jewelry looks in person.
  • Gold and Silver Recoloring – We save you time and resources by producing different versions of metal using only one photo.

The company invests time and resources into new technology and improving the skills of our photo retouchers. Any photo editing service can only be as good as the people who hold the digital pen. You can be sure you’ll have the best people working on your images.

high end retouching

High-End Jewelry Retouching

Gain high-quality images that not only attracts but also converts.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Make your jewelry stand out. Literally.

jewelry retouching

Jewelry Color Correction and Editing

Be confident of the accuracy of your advertising and product photos.

About Our Company

Jewelry Retouchers is a photo retouching agency specializing in jewelry images. Our highly-trained photo retouchers possess creativity and diligence, and demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, whether they are color-correcting gems, enhancing their brilliance, removing visible scratches, or polishing the gold or silver band, setting, and prongs.

Our company is young, but the creative masterminds behind it aren’t wet behind the ears. Our founders have been working in the advertising and photo editing industries for decades. They banded together and handpicked incredibly talented people, including seasoned professionals and Adobe Photoshop geniuses, whom you can count on to make your jewelry images look the best that they can be.

We understand that business goals may not always align with creative thought, but we can bridge the two.

Our expertise in Adobe Photoshop enhances the visual appeal of your marketing photos and boosts their sales effectiveness. We also closely coordinate with every client and learn all that we can about their ideal audiences so that we can hit the right balance between artistic and ad-effective.

We share the same goal: to produce jewelry photos that appeal to your target audience’s taste for luxury and stimulate them to buy.

There’s no sacrificing art for profits, nor returns for creativity, at Jewelry Retouchers.

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Work with a Premium Retouching and High-Quality Jewelry Retouching company with clients all around the world. Discover why many of the world’s best Jewelry brands choose to work with Jewelry Retouchers.

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