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High-End Jewelry Retouching Gallery

Jewelry photography takes a lot of time to perfect. Sometimes, even if we get the perfect shot, there are external factors that we simply can’t control. Using a controlled environment helps with a few problems that could occur but, the lighting may still go off after a few shots or the table could be wobbly. Colors may pop up in-person but not appear in the image.

This is why the Jewelry Retoucher makes sure the jewelry retouching photos look as clear as the jewelry does to the human eye.

Retouched Necklace Photos

You can have the highest quality Rivière around your neck but, that won’t change the fact that the necklace may look dull in photos. Even the classiest thread could change color simply because you were positioned in a different place. That’s what our high-end necklace retouching is for. The Jewelry Retoucher team will ensure the necklace looks the way it’s supposed to in person as it does in photos.

Retouched Diamond Photos

Making the diamonds shine is tricky because they give out different colors in-person compared to seeing the diamonds online.  Diamonds with a different cut could already reflect the light and change the way it’s supposed to look from the human eye, not the camera. Our high-end diamond retouching process ensures that what you see online will be what you see in person.

Retouched Gold Jewelry Photos

Gold has so many variations that maintenance would depend on the type of gold jewelry you own. Some forms of gold take more cleanup time compared to others. Cleaning up may remove a few stains but, the rest of the dirt on your jewelry will still be visible to the camera. The team’s gold jewelry retouching photos display jewelry the way it did when it was brand new!

Retouched Bracelet Photos

People love adding accents to their hands using bracelets but, the image can look a little dull in photos. Your bracelet won’t look the same way it does outdoors as it does indoors. The Jewelry Retoucher can make your bracelets the focus by going through high-end bracelet retouching that will make the colors pop on every item.

Anyone can take photos of jewelry but, not everyone can tell a story. Jewelry retouching photos aren’t just about making the object stand out more, retouching involves cleaning up the things you don’t immediately see such as dust, fingerprints and more.

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