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Capturing “Luxury” in a Photo with High-End Jewelry Retouching

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Retouching Jewelry Photos for Jewelers, Photographers, and Publishers

Elevate your jewelry photos into gorgeous, flawless, and striking images that meet your creative standards and help you reach your company’s goals. Our photo retouching specialists have honed their technical skills and developed their creativity through years of practical application and experience in advertising and photo editing.

Jewelry Retouchers delivers some of the best high-end jewelry photo retouch work in the industry. We’re confident in our skills yet recognize the importance of technology. So, apart from investing in ourselves, we also invest in powerful computers and photo editing tools and software. Your photos will get the high-end treatment they deserve.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, you can trust our professional jewelry photo retouch experts to deliver. Learn what we can do for you or your clients.

Our Services


Background Cleaning And Removal

shadow creation

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Table - Before-after

High-End Jewelry Retouching


Jewelry Photo Enhancement

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Why Choose Us

48-Hours Turnaround

Get back your retouched photos in two days. Our professional photo retouchers strive for excellence without losing sight of our timelines. We believe time is a currency, so we deliver on the dot.

Comprehensive Services

Benefit from services you will only find at full-service photo editing companies. We have the technology and, more importantly, talented professionals who excel at compositing, editing, and high-end diamond retouching.

Strategic Color Grading

Impress your clients with jewelry photos that can evoke specific reactions from audiences. Our retouchers know how to use colors and effects to inspire awe and coax potential buyers into action.

Precision in Creativity

Make no compromises with your jewelry photos. We ensure the accuracy of the pieces, from dimensions to colors, while enhancing their best features. They will be realistic and artistic at the same time.

A Rising Star in Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry Retouchers is slowly but surely growing an impressive clientele portfolio comprising well-known jewelry brands, photographers, and magazines known for their high standards for quality and artistry. What we lack yet in years we make up for in our drive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Regardless of the number of photos you send us for retouching or the complexity of your requests, we will give your account the attention and expertise it deserves.

Your photos will be retouched by some of the most talented artists in the industry. We’ve proven our expertise in the following jewelry photo retouching techniques and services:

  • Background Cleaning and Removal
  • Base-Level Adjustments
  • Color Preservation
  • Creative Compositions/Edits
  • Digital Masking
  • Dust Cleaning
  • Final Touches
  • Gold and Silver Recoloring
  • Repainting Reflection, Shadow, and Shine

We stand out not because we are the only company to provide these services, but of our drive to give each client the smoothest and most satisfying business experience. Apart from delivering quality jewelry photo retouching, we enhance our customer service with dedicated project managers and open lines of communication.

Flawless photos, creative collaborators, and dependable customer service — you get the full package at Jewelry Retouchers.

Our Pricing

We offer professional jewelry photo retouching at reasonable rates.

Our pricing plans include a la carte rates for additional services and affordable packages for your benefit and convenience.






Our Base Edits include the following:
Additional Services:
  • $0.50 Clipping path
  • $0.50 Small diamond/precious stone polish
  • $1 Large diamond/precious stone polish
  • $1 Dust and scratch removal
  • $1 Polishing and repainting
  • $1 Product reshaping
  • $1 Stone and parts replacement
  • $2 Ffocus stacking
  • $2 Clipping path with 30+ edges
  • $4 Metal or main base recoloring
  • $4 Photo stitching
  • $4 Close up skin retouching on a model
  • $4 Jewelry placement on a model

Our retouching specialists are ready for you.
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What Our Delighted Clients Are Saying About Us

“It took us a long time to find a photo retouching company that gets our brand and meets our standards. Jewelry Retouchers checks these boxes and more. The photos they edited sent more people our way — we couldn’t be happier with the results. We look forward to more amazing work from Jewelry Retouchers.”
Anette Greene
Marketing Head
“Each batch of photos we get back from Jewelry Retouchers arrives as scheduled and meets (sometimes even exceeds) our clients’ expectations. Our photographers work hard to get the perfect shot each time, but it’s a comfort to know that this amazing team can step up anytime we need them.”
Marshall Crews
Account Manager

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