High-End Jewelry Retouching for Flawless Images

Intensify colors, remove imperfections, and make your pieces shine. Jewelry Retouchers’ high-end jewelry retouching services bring out the best of your jewelry.

A Penchant for Perfection

Jewelry Retouchers presents nothing less than perfect images.
After all, so do your customers. As they browse your catalog or product page, they scrutinize every ring prong, lobster clasp, and stone cut, looking at not only the overall design, but also the minute details in each piece. The tiny features — the way the light bounces off the gem, the reflection on 14K gold, the fineness of the chains — are what draws the viewer in.

Scratches, dents, dullness, and discolorations are sure to turn them off, which is why our professional jewelry retouchers aim to render flawless photos.

With a team of seasoned photo editors, we’ll digitally clean, recolor, and polish your jewelry pieces. We’ll enhance the background and remove any scratch, cloudiness, or unsightly reflections on the metals. Special attention is given to the brilliance of precious and semi-precious gems to give them a realistic sparkle.

Jewelry Retouchers also takes deadlines seriously. Expect your photos to be edited and delivered on time. Our team has mastered color correction, shadow creation, and photo sharpening to put your pieces in their best light. For photos that do justice to your craftsmanship, get in touch with Jewelry Retouchers.

Professional Jewelry
Photo Retouching

Our dedication to turning out perfect photos is not the only thing that sets us apart from other photo retouching agencies. Jewelry Retouchers takes pride in our:

  • Advanced Photo Editing Tools – We’ve mastered Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Logic Pro, all of which enable precise clipping paths, color adjustments, and image clean-up. These tools also allow us to resize photos and export them into different file formats without compromising image sharpness.
  • Experienced Team – We’re a dynamic team of seasoned professional jewelry retouchers and photo editors with one goal in mind: to help you impress your buyers with dazzling images. Jewelry Retouchers is home to the best people in this field.
  • Extensive Collaboration – Jewelry Retouchers works closely with your representative to ensure we meet your expectations. We accommodate special instructions, but also pitch editing ideas we know will further improve your photos.
  • Streamlined Process – Our clear and comprehensive process maintains a high standard of quality, whether we’re working with a solitaire or a cluster ring, a pendant or a rivière, studs or chandeliers. No stage is missed, so the images turn out perfectly, every time.
  • Quick Turnaround – Expect the edited photos on your hands on or before the deadline. Jewelry Retouchers understands that edited photos are needed to print marketing materials or launching web pages. We respect this chain of deadlines, so we strive to deliver on time. Case in point: If you’re interested in free demo, give us a photo and we’ll have it done in 48 hours.

Recent Gallery


Background Cleaning and Removal

Jewelry photos rarely have backdrops; they stand upright without any visible support. Since this is near-impossible to achieve during production, Jewelry Retouchers steps in during post-production and removes the photos’ background. Our precise clipping paths eliminate every bit of background without cutting off tiny sections of the piece.


Dust and Scratch Cleaning

Under studio lights, micro dust, hairline scratches, and faint fingerprints become very noticeable. These elements are largely unavoidable, especially if you use high-calibre DSLR cameras. Our team removes these imperfections digitally so you get internally flawless gems and pristine metals that look fresh out of the craftsman’s workshop.


Poor Reflection Removal

Metals often capture reflections that decrease the advertising potential of the image. These are, however, unavoidable, as the cameras are set in such a way as to capture the best angle of the piece. Our team removes these reflections, so nothing would distract the people when scrutinizing
the jewelry.


Diamond and Gem Polishing

The crowning glory of each jewelry piece, gems require special attention during photo editing services. Diamonds alone are tricky to work with. When placed under natural light, the stone produces a faint rainbow effect. When placed under UV lights, they give off a bluish hue. We adjust the brightness and edit the precious stones, so that they’d sparkle and shine as bright as they do in the best conditions.


Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadows spell the difference between amateur and professional photography. Creating natural shadows during production, however, is a tall order, as you have to hold the jewelry in the perfect angle to cast a balanced shadow. Jewelry Retouchers takes care of the shadows during post-production. Our extensive knowledge of photo editing software allows us to create realistic shadows, even for irregularly shaped pieces like festoon necklaces
and charm bracelets.


Jewelry Color Correction and Editing

Our team pays close attention to gem color. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that we accurately render the hue, saturation, tone, and uniformity of color of the precious stones, as these can affect the value of each piece. The goal of our high-end jewelry retouching is to be true to the color of the product and give your clients a glimpse of the gem they’re going to purchase.


Gold and Silver Recoloring

Consistency is key when presenting similar pieces made of different metals. Instead of shooting each variation of the jewelry, let our team recolor the metal parts of the piece. We digitally convert gold or silver into rose gold, white gold, platinum, and other types of precious metals. Jewelry Retouchers also ensures that the shine and saturation of the metals are consistent across the entire collection.

Repainting Shine on Metal

Although precious metals possess a high shine, factors such as the lighting and shoot set-up affect their lustre. The ring bands may have smudges, or shadows may dampen the sheen of the earring posts. Metals also catch the reflections of objects that are within three meters.
We restore the shine of the metal elements while maintaining its natural texture and luminosity. We adjust the dark and the illuminated section of the metals, to give them the
lustre you’re looking for.


Creative Jewelry Edits

Show your clients which pieces look good together and which pieces are best bought in a set. Our creative edits stir drama, encourage mixing and matching, and show your clients the possibilities of your jewelry. The resolution of our images falls between 5,000 and 10,000 pixels, so you can print them on small lookbooks or large posters.

The Jewelry Retouching Team that Jewelers Trust

The great thing about our company is that we don’t just have great editing skills; we have a deep respect for your craftsmanship, too. Sketching a jewelry piece alone deserves a salute, and going through several stages of cutting, polishing, and buffing shows how much dedication and expertise go into making a single piece.

That’s why we edit each photo to realize its aesthetic potential. Our team wants each piece to look its best, sporting the right amount of brilliance, the right color saturation, and the right depth and dimension. We want to elicit awe from the viewers of the photos and show them how your workmanship transformed gray rocks into beautiful, sparkling ornaments.

In every photo we edit, we pay homage to your work; we’re careful not to compromise the integrity of your designs.

On top of that, Jewelry Retouchers takes pride in a killer advertising combo: advanced editing tools and experienced photo editors. Our experienced professionals, equipped with Adobe Photoshop, produce high-quality images that are ready to grace your web pages or catalogs.
Because of our respect for your craftsmanship, advanced editing tools, and seasoned retouching team, we are the photo retouching agency the jewelers trust.

Call us today for professional high-end jewelry retouching.

How We Make the Best Jewelry Photos

A streamlined process is the key to rendering fantastic images. It covers the bases, so all photos are consistently superb. Jewelry Retouchers has developed a step-by-step jewelry retouching procedure in editing your jewelry photos.


1. Dust Cleaning

We begin by removing the micro dust and scratches on the pieces. Our team surveys the jewelry and looks for the visible imperfections on the surfaces. Using the tools on Photoshop, we erase the particles, leaving behind a clean canvas for brightness adjustment and color correction. In this step, we also remove the background precisely, thanks to our master clipping paths.

2. Base-Level Adjustments

After clearing the unnecessary elements, we start editing the subject. We use Photoshop tools to adjust the curves, saturation, and hue of both the gems and metals. We also review the proper selective color effects to achieve the desired look.

3. Digital Masking

For more intensive gem editing, we use digital masking. This allows us to edit some parts of the subject, while preserving the look of the others. Our team inspects the cut and its facets and determines other ways they can be enhanced.

4. Color Preservation

To further emphasize the shiny parts of the stone, our editors add color to some of its sections. We want to ensure that the look is seamless, so we do it manually.

5. Final Touches

We add the final touches and present the final images to you. If you have any additional requests, we’ll tweak our work promptly.

Now that you know our system, you might have some questions like: How long does it take to go through all these steps? Well, the first image always takes the longest to edit, since our photo editors are still studying the lighting technique that your production team used and the right retouching technique that would enhance the photos. This could take around 3 to 5 hours.

Once our team establishes the baselines of the project, we can work on the remaining photos faster. The other photos could take only 2 to 2.5 hours to finish. Of course, this also depends on the subject of the images that we’re editing. Simpler styles require less work than ones with ornate filigree.
Reach out to our professional jewelry retouchers, and let’s discuss your editing needs.