Bring Out Your Jewelry’s Radiance with Our Diamond and Gem Photo Polishing Services

Partner with us and let our jewelry photo retouching professionals bring out the natural allure of your diamonds and gems. With our diamond and polishing services, we remove photo imperfections and reveal the brilliance of your jewelry.

Whether you need image enhancements for e-commerce, social media, or print ads for your jewelry business, we’re here to help you.

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Elevate Your Visuals with Premier Diamond and Gem Polishing Services

In the jewelry industry, you want your images to capture the beauty of your jewelry and translate them through your photos. Whether it’s for your e-commerce website, social media accounts, posters, banners, or other types of print ads, you want your audience to appreciate the character in every piece.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our team of experts uses color correction, lighting, and composition techniques to enhance your visuals and create stunning images of jewelry that exude a brilliance that is worth more than its already-timeless value.


Ring photoshoots usually result in smudges on the jewelry which can reflect on some of the photos. With our services, we can remove those smudges and make sure your jewelry remains polished in every photo.


With necklaces, it is a must to hold them upright to get good photos, unless the direction is moodier. So, a few stains here and there naturally happen. Trust us to remove those unwanted marks for you and let your jewelry achieve its true shine.


Earrings are very delicate and often have a collection of rocks, like smaller diamonds and gems, mounted on them. With our creative techniques, we can ensure that your earrings are polished so much so that even the tiniest details are showcased.


Bracelets with intricate designs can hide imperfections in their crevices without you noticing. With our services, we are sure to check every nook and cranny of your jewelry and ensure that every part shines in your photos.

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With watches, you want to feature its well-crafted face with every photo. Let us perfectly show the craftsmanship of each piece and use editing techniques to remove any accidental marks in your images.



The most delicate part of jewelry is the diamonds you want to showcase. With such intricate details, you may not notice unintentional marks they got during photoshoots. Trust our services to remove any imperfections and bring out your gem’s sparkle.

Take a Look at the Process of Our Diamond and Gem Photo Polishing Services

Our team of creative experts uses various tools and techniques to polish and refine your images.

Find out jewelry photo editing tips

Lasso Select Tool

Using the lasso select tool selects a specific area to edit, so that other parts of the photos won’t accidentally be modified. We use this to select specific pixels of the gem to edit since smudges can appear randomly.


Spot Healing Brush Tool

The healing brush tool can copy pixels from other parts of the photo to lay over the selected part you want to edit. It can naturally imitate colors and textures which is helpful in keeping your diamonds and gems’ visual consistency.


Content-Aware Fill

For a more automated process in polishing parts of your images, the content-aware fill can copy pixels from the surrounding areas of the part you selected. It’s a technique used for more efficient editing.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Pieces Through Our Expert Diamond and Gem Polishing Services

With Jewelry Retouchers’ experience and portfolio, we ensure that your jewelry is shown in the best light to successfully captivate your customers.

With our range of editing techniques, you can trust that we bring out the radiance of your diamonds and gems, so that you can showcase flawless images.

Learn more about our services and get in touch with us today.