Metal Shine Repainting Services Trusted by Top Jewelers

The jewelry’s shine is an important element that enhances the allure of jewelry photos. Our jewelry photo metal shine repainting service can help make sure that you not only have quality photos but that your pieces look as captivating as they do in real life.

Our team’s expertise and attention to detail can bring back the shine in any type of metal. Let Jewelry Retouchers help you transform your jewelry photos.

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Get the Photos You Envisioned with Metal Shine Repainting Services

Getting the right shine on metals in jewelry photos is tricky. However, it can make a big difference in your images. Whether you’re using gold, platinum, or silver, your pieces will appear more realistic with their natural shine repainted.

At Jewelry Retouchers, we want every element of your jewelry photos to be perfectly polished. This way, customers can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into each piece.

Enhance your photos today.

Necklace and Pendants

Make sure that all parts of necklaces get positive attention by giving them their original luster. Our seasoned team knows the ideal areas to repaint shine on different types of necklaces and pendants.


The metals on rings may sometimes have dark reflections or appear dull. Shine repainting can give them a boost so all parts of the ring can stand out in all photos. This process complements the removal of unwanted reflections on rings.


Earrings come in different shapes and sizes; some also have gems or diamonds. Our team considers the structure of each earring before strategically placing the metal shine, ensuring that it complements the earring design.


Make sure that all features of your bracelet are visible in photos with the correct use of shine on metals. Our team will consult with you to ensure that we get the right effect for your bracelets. You can increase the allure of your bracelets with shine repainting.

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Fine watches have intricate details that may not show well in photos, even with professional lighting. With expert editing and metal shine repainting, our team can help accentuate the quality of materials and craftsmanship of your watches.


Your photos are the most effective way to entice customers to buy your pieces. Your jewelry photos should showcase all large and small details that complete every brooch in your catalog. Our services can help make sure that every piece has the right sheen and shine in every image.

A Look at Our Process

We have streamlined our editing process to ensure exceptional shine repainting is delivered at an efficient pace. This process allows us to give our clients exactly what they want while meeting their deadlines.

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Find out jewelry photo editing tips

Base Level Adjustments

The first step is adjusting minor details in the photo. Depending on the photo, we may adjust curves, hue, saturation, etc. For pieces with gems or diamonds, this step may include separating the metal so that edits don’t affect the former’s sparkle.



The second step is finding the highlight color and then assessing the areas where the light hit the piece. Our editor applies the highlights on the ideal areas and adjusts the saturation to make it appear realistic.


Low Light Addition

The third step is the application of low light, which complements the highlights. Our editor once again analyzes where the natural shadows will appear naturally and amplify them enough to emphasize the highlights in the photo.


Final Adjustments

The last step involves minor tweaks to the image to perfect the balance of highlights and shadows. Once done, we’ll show you our work for feedback. 

Metal Shine Repainting by Retouching Experts

With years of experience in their belt, our professional team has mastered the art of repainting metal shine for jewelry photos. We take the time to understand each piece before carefully repainting shine to the metals.

You can trust on Jewelry Retouchers to add a gorgeous but realistic radiance to your jewelry pieces in every photo. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services. Leave us a message today.