High-Precision Jewelry Photo Background Cleaning and Removal

Jewelry and gemstones are captivating in real life but are challenging to capture on camera. Expert background cleaning and removal services can make your jewelry pieces stand out and sparkle brighter. Our background removal services can help perfect your images.

Work with a jewelry retouching company like Jewelry Retouchers that knows the mechanics of jewelry photography and editing to ensure you get clean, refined images.

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Get the Results You Want with Our Background Cleaning and Removal Service

The best jewelry photographers know to use a clean and smudge-free background and avoid dust and fingerprints on jewelry pieces. However, an immaculate background is not always possible, especially as props like strings and glue tacks may sometimes appear in the photo.

Jewelry Retouchers makes it possible to have a polished jewelry photo. Our team can remove all distractions and ensure that all eyes move toward your jewelry pieces.

Work with Us to clean and remove the background of your photos.


Photographers use props to hold earrings in the ideal position, which we can remove to keep the earrings as the photo’s focal point. Our services can also remove dust, fingerprints, or dark reflections to ensure that earrings stand out in the photos.


Make sure that there are no distractions like tapes and stands on your photos with our background removal services. Our team will help make sure that your rings look exquisite and flawless in the best images.

Necklace & Pendants

Our team can accurately remove backgrounds, ensuring that every corner is clean and sharp. With our background removal and cleaning service, you can showcase your necklaces however you want, whether it’s against a white or creative backdrop.


Our retouching team will clean up your jewelry photos’ backdrops so you can have a blank slate to create realistic shadows to make your bracelets stand out. A clean background can help increase the allure of your pieces.

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Make it easier to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into each watch with a clean background. Confidently use any angle knowing that we’ll remove any unwanted elements in the photos. 

Brooches & Pins

Execute your ideas for showcasing your brooches and pins with a team you can trust to complete background cleaning and removal. Expertly edited photos are easier to use to create captivating images to boost your marketing efforts.

A Look at Our Process

Get polished photos with Jewelry Retouchers.

High-quality cameras capture tiny details in jewelry pieces, including dust, scratches, and fingerprints. This is why background cleaning and removal require strong attention to detail, often requiring hours. To ensure consistent quality and efficient turnaround time, we have streamlined our background cleaning and removal process. Here’s how we do it:

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Drawing a Clipping Path

The first step to background cleaning and removal is to draw a clipping path against the jewelry piece and convert it into a selection. We draw the path as close as possible to create clean edges of the image.


Removing the Background

The next step is removing the background, which is done by inversing the selection and then pressing the “delete” button. This action will remove the background image, leaving only the piece of jewelry.


Cleaning the Image

The final step is cleaning any blemishes and unwanted reflections on the photo. We use the Air Brush, Healing Brush, and Stamp photo enhancement tools to remove these imperfections. Then, when we’re satisfied with our work, we’ll show you our output for feedback.

Set the Bar Higher with First-Class Jewelry Retouching Services

When you work with Jewelry Retouchers, you’re working with a professional team with a mastery of photo editing programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Logic Pro. We use our expertise to turn good jewelry photos into stunning images.

You can rely on us to do exactly what your photos need to make your jewelry sparkle brighter. We can remove backgrounds and the tiniest imperfections in your jewelry photos.

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