High-End Jewelry Retouching ​ Projects by Jewelry Retouchers

We can talk your ear off about how talented our retouching artists are, but we’d rather show you. Take a look at some of the high-end jewelry retouching we’ve done for our previous clients.

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77 Diamonds

For one of Europe’s most prestigious diamond jewelers, Jewelry Retouchers provided professional photography, videography, and post-production retouching.

Having extensive experience in professional photography for commercial and marketing purposes, we put together a photoshoot and ensured ideal conditions for jewelry photography:

  • Controlled natural lighting;
  • Simple backdrops, such as plain white or marbled backgrounds, to keep the focus on the jewelry;
  • A photographer who’s a pro in commercial photography; and
  • A DSLR camera with macro lenses with a 1:1 magnification ratio allowed us to photograph small products with utmost clarity.

For the video materials, we filmed 360-degree shots of the jewelry pieces as well as close-ups on how 77 Diamonds’ engagement rings look like when worn.

gold bracelet with white diamonds
stapler with pink sequins


Our careful planning and design of the photoshoot did not mean each photo captured turned out flawless. We realized the need for retouching, and we utilized the team’s expertise in quality jewelry retouching to produce the best results for 77 Diamonds.

We removed unwanted (but unavoidable) shadows from the photos and enhanced the brilliance of the precious stones without warping the product images that may make them look unrealistic.

Our team preserved the goal of jewelry photography, which is to show as much detail as possible. Using fashion jewelry retouching techniques like clipping path, masking, color correction, and creative composition, we showcased the best features of each piece of jewelry and perfected each image:

  • Removed unwanted reflections caught on camera.
  • Manually painted natural-looking shine onto the metal, wherever necessary.
  • Changed or removed backgrounds.
  • Used color correction to add drama and dimension to the images, enhance clarity, and create specific tones for different purposes.
  • Adjusted light settings to bring out the diamonds’ brilliance. At the same time, we avoided overexposing the stone and hiding critical details, like its shape, cut, and the colors refracted by natural light.

For 77 Diamonds, our goal was not merely to make beautiful jewelry photos but to have high-end product images that entice audiences to buy.

Lia Elnatan Jewelry

A jewelry brand that takes inspiration from architecture, Lia Elnatan Jewelry sets gems and Swarovski crystals onto gold-plated metals cut in geometric shapes. Its necklaces and earrings are unique and don’t have soft or dainty features. The brand has edgy, avant-garde designs instead that nevertheless look elegant.

For this project, Jewelry Retouchers collaborated with the incredibly talented Igor Kruter apprentice to the renowned photographer Erwin Olaf. Both are masters at taking images that look and feel like paintings. Jewelry Retouchers aimed to preserve Mr. Kruter’s artistry while highlighting each piece of Lia Elnatan Jewelry.

necklace full of diamonds
gold bracelets


Jewelry Retouchers offers bulk jewelry retouching projects, but sometimes, as with this project, the photographer sends us his or her top picks for post-production. This collaboration allows us to start retouching immediately and helps the client save time and resources.

We’ve also worked with Igor Kruter long enough to understand his style. As such, our collaboration and workflow were smooth from start to finish.

The photos we received featured a model wearing Lia Elnatan Jewelry. We retouched the portraits to preserve the creative concept of the shoot:

  • Maintained an otherworldly paleness to the model’s skin. We made it look silky-smooth but left hints of pores and definition to keep the images’ realism.
  • Enhanced the model’s rough hairstyle.
  • Emphasized the pale makeup, particularly on the lashes and eyebrows.

Retouching the jewelry pieces themselves required a different approach. We usually aim for “perfect” images in designer jewelry retouching, but for this project, the client opted against a highly-polished look. Our retouching team did the following instead:

  • Enhanced the rough, metallic texture of the pieces.
  • Increased the shine on strategic spots to show how the jewelry interacts with light.
  • Used shades and shadows to add dimension.
  • Removed unwanted reflections on the metal surfaces.
  • Removed smudges, scratches, and other blemishes on the gems and metals.
  • Polished the reflective surfaces.
  • Corrected warping from camera angles.
  • Precisely cut out clipping path images for easier handling (e.g., in creating collages and creative compositions).

The concept for these photos leaned more towards creative presentation than for cut-and-dry, e-commerce purposes. We’re flexible to our clients’ needs, and for Lia Elnatan Jewelry, we preserved the art as we made the products stand out.

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A Premium Touch on Jewelry Photos

Jewelry represents luxury, but sometimes it’s challenging to make its substantial worth come across in print or onscreen. Jewelry Retouchers can give the finishing touches that will make your photos speak to the target market of such luxury items.

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