Transform Your Images with Our Jewelry Photo Shadow Creation Services

Let our expert jewelry photo retouchers add depth, pull in your audience’s attention, and transform your images through our jewelry shadow creation services that ensure your jewelry stands out.

Through creative editing and tasteful jewelry photography, your gems, precious metals, and crowned pieces are sure to stand out and captivate the attention of potential customers. Whether you’re collaborating with us for e-commerce or social media, we ensure that you receive breathtaking, high-quality photos.

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Our Jewelry Shadow Creation Services Help Make Your Business Operations More Seamless

With the boom of digital media, the importance of releasing high-quality and high-definition photos is at its peak. Consumers want to appreciate your products through your images and it greatly influences their purchase potential.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, we ensure that your jewelry is presented in the most flattering, captivating, and desirable way possible. Through meticulous editing, we enhance your jewelry photos and create visuals that feature the brilliance of your jewelry.


Taking photographs of rings need a specific lighting composition. Trust us to define your shadows and highlights so that your images have the right contrast.


Photographing necklaces can be tricky since you have to prop them up in different ways to get the perfect shot. Let us remove any unwanted shadows and put together images that highlight your jewelry as the main focus.


Since earrings are delicate, you want to make sure they get the right amount of shadow contrast that won’t overpower their details. With us, we will ensure that your jewelry’s intricate features always shine.


Whether your bracelets have simple or complex designs, our team of professionals will ensure that your jewelry has the right contrast that complements your necklaces’ best features.

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With watches, you want to showcase their tiny mechanisms to emphasize their luxury. Trust us to highlight your watch’s features so that your consumers can appreciate its design.


Taking photos of diamonds is quite difficult since light bounces off in different directions. With our team, we will make sure your diamonds are well-represented with the right shadowing and highlighting techniques.

Discover the Process of Our Jewelry Photo Shadow Creation Services

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our team is proficient in different editing programs and techniques that we utilize to elevate your images.

Find out jewelry photo editing tips

Lasso Select Tool

Using the lasso select tool lets us choose a specific area in the photo to edit without unintentionally modifying other parts. This is ideal for creating shadows since you only want to place them in specific parts.


Spot Healing Brush Tool

Like the clone stamp tool, the spot healing brush lets us choose a pixel within the image to copy and brush over the area we want to adjust without compromising the texture and color. We use this to adjust to copy specific shadows to areas we want to extend them to.


Brush Tool

Using the brush tool and playing with its opacity lets us add shadows to areas that need more of them. Instead of copying pixels, we play on the tones and add them to various parts to put emphasis on the jewelry.

Elevate Your Jewelry Photographs with our Professional Jewelry Shadow Creation Services

As industry experts, Jewelry Retouchers guarantee that your creative editing needs are met, as our team always aims to exceed expectations. Trust that our extensive experience and proficiency in editing techniques will bring out the brilliance of your jewelry through stunning images.

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