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High-End Jewelry Retouching Services for Stunning Photos

Let our jewelry retouchers enhance not only the design of your pieces but also the shine and sparkle of the gemstones. Good photography, along with our superb jewelry retouching services, makes the jewelry pieces stand out in stunning detail and drama.

Our jewelry photo retouching services for e-commerce websites and other purposes can make your jewelry photos utterly breathtaking, all while looking as realistic as possible. At Jewelry Retouchers, we pay attention to the smallest details, regardless of whether the jewelry piece photographed is an intricate rivière necklace or a pair of simple stud earrings.

Make Your Jewelry Come to Life with Our Exceptional Jewelry Retouching Services

At Jewelry Retouchers, we make your jewelry photos come to brilliant life, despite the conditions in which the pieces were photographed or the gear used. We ensure that your photos do justice to the beauty and uniqueness of each jewelry piece. With our high-end jewelry retouching services for ecommerce, your jewelry photos will catch the eye of your target audience and dazzle them.

Our retouching services are available for print, Internet marketing, or e-commerce websites. No matter where the photos end up, we guarantee that they will appear better than you imagined.

We offer an array of jewelry photo editing services, from dust cleaning to background removal, among others. Have a look at our services:

Bruna Tenorio Jewelry

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Dust and Scratch Cleaning

Dust is everywhere and scratches can appear on just about anything, even on brand-new products. These little imperfections can negatively affect the advertising potential of your photos. They can make your photos look unprofessional and your jewelry pieces unappealing to customers. To avoid losing customers due to poor-quality photos, work with us and take advantage of our outstanding jewelry photo retouching services.

As a jewelry photo retouching services provider, we can remove these tiny defects so that your jewelry looks flawless in photos. In just a few hours after you provide us the photos of your jewelry pieces, we can transform them into professional-looking images that will catch the eye of your target customers. We will make sure to edit and retouch the photos accordingly to add accent to the jewelry pieces’ sparkle and design.

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Reflection Removal

The gems and metals in jewelry may catch unwanted reflections. With Jewelry Retouchers, this isn’t a problem; we will pore over every inch of your photo and remove any reflections we notice. After our jewelry photo editing services, you can be sure that the only glow cast in the photo is the jewelries’ shine and luster.

Diamond and Gems Polishing

The way that diamonds shine is truly unique: they have an inner sparkle that is gray and white and, when light bounces off of them, they reflect rainbow-colored light on other surfaces. Trying to capture this natural shine in a photograph is tricky and only a professional jewelry photography retouching company like Jewelry Retouchers can edit back any brilliance that may have been compromised in the taking of the photo. Aside from diamonds, we also edit any other precious or semi-precious gemstones to ensure beauty and brilliance.

shadow creation

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadows can add depth to your jewelry photo and make your brooch or bangle stand out from the background. It takes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom experts, like Jewelry Retouchers, to put believable shadows underneath jewelry. We can add several kinds of shadows to your image, such as the following:

These three kinds of shadows can make your two-dimensional photo look three-dimensional. The rings and earrings in your photos will surely pop with shadows underneath them. Thanks to our years of experience in jewelry image editing, you can trust us to create perfectly balanced shadows for your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Color Correction and Editing

Less-than-ideal lighting can make your jewelry look dull in photos. As a company offering jewelry image retouching services, Jewelry Retouchers sees to it that your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches sparkle and shine in photos just as in real life. Plus, you can trust us to consult with you every step of the way to recreate the right color, shade, and brilliance of the jewelry in the photo.


Gold and Silver Recoloring

Most online jewelry shops offer customized and bespoke designs and sizes for the jewelry that they carry. More often than not, they have jewelry in the same style but in different metals. Using Adobe Photoshop, we can convert a photograph of jewelry made of white gold metal into jewelry of silver, rose gold, platinum, gold-plated, or 24-karat gold metal, and vice versa. This way, you don’t have to take photos of each variation of the piece. Additionally, we have the expertise and jewelry photo editing experience to easily keep the metal colors consistent across the entire collection.

Background Cleaning and Removal

To fully present the beauty of the jewelry, most online jewelry shops rely on a stand or some other form of support. Jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, are usually propped from the back by a stand or other such elevation.

As an expert jewelry photography retouching provider, we can isolate the piece from its background. We will erase and edit out any unwanted objects and backgrounds so that the jewelry is presented on its own as if upright without support.

Shoreditch Hoop Earring

Repainting Shine on Metal

The metal part of jewelry is reflective and may mirror unwanted images, such as the photographer or the background. Because of the reflections, the surfaces of the piece won’t look as shiny and smooth as you would want them to. Fortunately, we can restore the metal’s sheen by manually repainting it during the jewelry image editing process. This will restore the metal to its natural texture and shine.


Creative Jewelry Edits

For jewelry magazines and shops, we also offer high-quality creative jewelry photo editorial edits that deliver the impact you’re looking for. We will work closely with you to create the look and mood that suits your vision. Additionally, the resolution of these images would fall between 5,000 to 10,000 pixels wide, so you can be sure of high-quality shots that will still look clear and crisp when printed on a large poster.

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A Look at Our Process

Our stream-lined process only involves five steps. These five steps allow us to properly and efficiently edit your jewelry photographs so that they look the way that you want them to – and the way that they should.

Dust Cleaning

The first step of our process is to clean the dust and scratches from the jewelry in the photographs. These little flaws can greatly affect the way that the jewelry looks, so this part is vital to the overall quality of the image.

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Base Level Adjustments

The second step, after cleaning the defects in the photo, is to make some adjustments to the Adobe Photoshop settings, as needed. Among these, we may tweak the curves, levels, hue, saturation, and selective color. These efforts amplify the beauty of the gemstones and metal without compromising the integrity of the image.


Digital Masking

The third step is something called digital masking. In this step, we inspect the cut of the gem to see what we can enhance by brightening it up or painting over the image.


Final Adjustments

The last step of our process is to scrutinize our work and make some final adjustments. Then, when we are sure that our work is done, we will show it to you for feedback.

We aim to please you; so, if you have any comments, reactions, or things that you want changed, we will address those issues immediately.

Top-notch Jewelry Retouching Services from Reliable Retouching Experts

Our professional team is highly proficient in photo editing programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Logic Pro. With our exceptional photo editing skills, we can make any jewelry photo stand out. As a jewelry retouching provider, we give your jewelry pieces the attention they deserve through our superb retouching services. We can provide whatever e-commerce jewelry photo retouching service you need, whatever it may be. If you need reflection removal, background cleaning, or shadow creation, among others, you can turn to us.

Rely on our dependable staff to keep you up to date with the progress of your project and to deliver the output right on schedule. With us, your jewelry will sparkle and shine in photographs just as do in real life. Get in touch with us today for more information on our high-end jewelry retouching services. We would love to hear from you

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