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Pricing Plan

We offer bulk jewelry photo retouching at reasonable rates.​

1-3 Solid Shapes to Path / Cut out

$2.50 / image

3-5 Solid Shapes to Path / Cut out

$4.50 / image

6-10 Solid Shapes to Path / Cut out

$5.50 / image

10-20 Solid Shapes to Path / Cut out

$12.50 / image

21-50 Solid Shapes to Path / Cut out

$15 / image

What You Can Expect…

*For projects with 50 images, maximum.

... From Our Base Image Edits.

Ask for a quote.

Send the photos you need us to retouch. Share your pegs, requirements, and goals for the images. We’ll get back to you right away with a ballpark estimate.


Additional Services

We charge the following prices for extra requests, per photo or per area.

  • $0.50 clipping path
  • $0.50 small diamond/precious stone polish
  • $1 large diamond/precious stone polish
  • $1 dust and scratch removal
  • $1 polishing and repainting
  • $1 product reshaping
  • $1 stone and parts replacement
  • $2 focus stacking
  • $2 clipping path with 30+ edges
  • $4 metal or main base recoloring
  • $4 photo stitching
  • $4 close up skin retouching on a model
  • $4 jewelry placement on a model

We Retouch All Types of Jewelry

We study structures, metals, precious stones, and refraction.
We are precise in measuring ratios and dimensions, and use retouching techniques that highlight the best features and preserve the truth of each piece of jewelry.

We charge by the penny but deliver a quality of work that can generate thousands.

Get in touch with Jewelry Retouchers today.

Place Your Orders Today.

What Our Delighted Clients Are Saying About Us

“It took us a long time to find a photo retouching company that gets our brand and meets our standards. Jewelry Retouchers checks these boxes and more. The photos they edited sent more people our way — we couldn’t be happier with the results. We look forward to more amazing work from Jewelry Retouchers.”
Anette Greene
Marketing Head
“Each batch of photos we get back from Jewelry Retouchers arrives as scheduled and meets (sometimes even exceeds) our clients’ expectations. Our photographers work hard to get the perfect shot each time, but it’s a comfort to know that this amazing team can step up anytime we need them.”
Marshall Crews
Account Manager

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Work with a Premium Retouching and High-Quality Jewelry Retouching company with clients all around the world. Discover why many of the world’s best Jewelry brands choose to work with Jewelry Retouchers.

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