Experience Luxury Jewelry with Our Gold and Silver Photo Recoloring Services

Let our team of experts feature the elegance of your jewelry photos with our gold and silver recoloring services! With an eye for photography partnered with superior editing techniques, we can transform your jewelry images to surely captivate your audience.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our services enhance every intricate detail of your photo so that every jewelry piece shines in its own uniqueness.

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Create Stunning Images with Our Jewelry Color Correction and Color Editing Services

In the jewelry industry, you want your brand to stand out and capture the attention of your audience through each and every photo. You want them to appreciate the beauty of your jewelry with high-definition images that can capture each piece’s personality.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, we ensure that your jewelry images captivate your audience. Our team of professionals highlights that the brilliance of your precious pieces through images in ads, social media posts, or other forms of digital media.


When taking photos of rings, you want to ensure that your images show the right highlights instead of disruptive reflections. Trust us to showcase the best features of your rings that are sure to captivate your audience.


Whether your necklaces have simple or complex designs, you want every metallic element to shine through the images without taking away the focus from the main pendant. Let us bring out the radiance of your necklaces through enhanced photos.


With the intricacies of earrings, highlighting the gold and silver parts can be quite difficult. Trust us to showcase the details of your earrings and make them pop out.


Bracelets with intricate designs can distract viewers from the overall shine of your jewelry. With our services, we are sure to highlight the color of your bracelets to ensure that their beauty is emphasized.

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With watches, you want its frame to complement the color of its face design. Let us perfectly show the craftsmanship of each watch and use editing techniques to showcase its metallurgical artistry.

Diamonds and Gems

Taking photographs of charms can be quite difficult because of its intricate details. With our services, we will ensure that the colors reflect the beauty of the charm without overpowering its design.

Take a Look at the Process of Our Gold and Silver Recoloring Services

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our team of professionals use various editing techniques to bring out the vibrance of your jewelry pieces.

Find out jewelry photo editing tips

Lasso Select Tool

With the lasso tool, we can select a specific area in the photo to edit so that other parts of the image remain untouched. We use it to isolate specks of gold or silver that need fine-tuning and ensure that we get their true vibrance.


Hue or Saturation Slider

Using the hue or saturation slider lets us adjust the tone and dullness of your jewelry to showcase its real colors. Sometimes reflections can manipulate the colors so it’s important to make the gold and silver consistent.


Burn or Dodge Tool

With the burn or dodge tool, we can adjust the exposure of the jewelry to either darken or lighten them in the image. Unwanted shadows or highlights may pop up so it’s important to adjust the exposure to get the right shadows.

Showcase the Vibrance of Your Jewelry with Our Professional Gold and Silver Recoloring Services

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our proficiency in creative editing helps showcase your jewelry to successfully capture the attention of your audience.

With our collective experience, creative team of professionals, and an impressive portfolio, you can trust that the intricate details of your jewelry will be highlighted in sharp, clear, and flawless images.

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