Investing in Jewelry Photo Dust and Scratch Cleaning Services for Captivating Visuals

Transform your jewelry photos and achieve sharp, pristine, flawless visuals with our jewelry photo dust and scratch cleaning services. Let our professional retouchers showcase your jewelry’s beauty through carefully executed editing that’s sure to capture their stunning clarity and intricate details.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, we reveal the brilliance of your jewelry by highlighting the uniqueness of each piece in every photo for your audience to see.

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Our Professional Jewelry Photo Dust and Scratch Cleaning Services Empower You to Focus on Your Business

In today’s digital age, it’s important to put out high-quality images, especially in the realm of jewelry. Highlighting the intricacy, allure, and exquisite detail of each piece is key to captivating your audience.

With advanced editing techniques, we can eliminate any imperfections, enhance your photo’s composition, and create flawless visuals that can elevate your brand’s photos.

gold diamond ring


Photographing rings is a project where you continuously reposition them to get perfect shots. Trust us to clean out any scratches from your photos and ensure that every piece remains pristine.


Taking photos of necklaces can be tricky since they need to be positioned upright. Collaborate with us and ensure that your necklaces don’t have any smudges or reflections from holding them straight.


Like rings, earrings are tiny and delicate pieces that can scratch easily. With our experienced professionals, we can renew your images and elevate your pieces, making sure to capture their intricacies.

gold bracelet


The designs of bracelets can sometimes allow it to easily catch dust in their crevices. Partner with us and we can remove those unwanted imperfections from your photos, so that we get to feature your bracelet’s charm.

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Like bracelets, watches are timeless jewelry pieces with parts that easily catch dust and scratch as well. Through our photo editing techniques, we can remove any of those scratches and bring back the brand-new look of your classic pieces.



Diamonds and other gems are very delicate to handle and vulnerable to scuffs, especially if you’re shooting them alone. Trust our technical expertise to bring back the shine of your pieces through precise editing.

Discover Our Jewelry Photo Dust and Scratch Cleaning Process

For our jewelry photo dust and scratch cleaning services, our team of professionals utilizes three major editing tools as part of the process:


Clone Stamp Tool

Using the clone stamp tool allows us to copy a “clean” pixel from one part of the image to the part with scratches or dust. This way, you can replace the scratched-up pixels and effectively remove the imperfections.


Healing Brush Tool

The healing brush tool works similarly to the clone stamp tool. Their difference is that the healing brush does a better job of matching the textures and colors, creating a more natural, finalized look to your images.


Content-Aware Fill

Content-aware fill copies the surrounding pixels of the area you selected and “fills” them using the tool. This is best used to edit bulk imperfections and then refine them using either the clone stamp or the healing brush tools.

High-quality Jewelry Photo Dust and Scratch Cleaning Services Delivered by Professionals

Our team excels in various photo editing programs, and we continuously strive to maintain the natural beauty of your jewelry photos while simultaneously making them stand out.

And as an industry-trusted jewelry retouching service provider, we give your pieces the attention they deserve. Whether you need reflection removal, background cleaning, or shadow creation, you can trust us to take care of your project.

Get in touch with us today and know more about how we can help you!