Bring Out the Vibrance of Your Images with Jewelry Color Correction and Color Editing

Unleash the true colors of your photographs through our jewelry photo color correction and color editing services. Trust that our team will enhance your images and bring out the brilliance of your jewelry in every photo.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, we capture the essence of your jewelry pieces, translate them into head-turning images, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Create Stunning Images with Our Jewelry Color Correction and Color Editing Services

To survive in today’s competitive market, a strong digital presence can give you an edge over competitors. You want your customers to appreciate your jewelry just by looking at your ads or website.

With our services here at Jewelry Retouchers, we capture the personality of your pieces, highlight their captivating brilliance to make them more desirable, and translate their timeless elegance into flawless images.


When photographing rings, you need to be up close to the subject itself. This can result in unwanted reflections that can disrupt the color of the photo. Let our team showcase the vibrance of your rings and remove unwanted distractions.


Taking photos of necklaces can result in random shadows or reflections, depending on whether you shoot them flat or with models. With our team, we can reveal the true radiance of your jewelry regardless of how you took the photos.


With earrings, you want to highlight its best features without each design element overpowering the other. Let us color-correct your images so that even the tiniest details of your earrings stand out.


Getting the right colors when photographing engraved charms can be tricky because of their details. Trust that our team can capture and highlight the intricacies of your charms, and feature them in high-definition photos.

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Photographing watches may result in different color contrasts depending on the shade of the face and the material of the straps used. With our expertise, we can balance out the colors of your jewelry, whether they use steel or leather in its make.

Diamonds and Gems

With gems and diamonds, you want to capture their truest colors and translate them into your images. Let us ensure that all your gems’ colors are presented accurately and elegantly to allure your consumers.

Explore Our Jewelry Color Correction and Color Editing Process

Our team of creative experts uses various tools and techniques to polish and refine your jewelry images.

Find out jewelry photo editing tips

Lasso Select Tool

The lasso tool is typically used to select areas in the photo that you want to isolate to edit. This limits your working area and specifically selects those that need color editing.


Hue or Saturation Slider

Once you’ve selected an area in the image, you can choose to adjust the hue or saturation to modify the color or vibrance you want to showcase. This is a great tool to edit the consistency of your jewelry’s colors.


Burn or Dodge Tool

When using the burn or dodge tool, you’re editing the exposure of the image. Naturally, burning will darken your area of work and dodge will lighten them. Since some parts may have too many shadows or light, you want to edit the exposure to bring back its true colors.

Unveil the Brilliance of Your Jewelry with Our Jewelry Color Correction and Color Editing Experts

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, we utilize different creative editing techniques, employ various themes, and leverage different photo editing programs that let us refine your jewelry images and bring out their true vibrance.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your jewelry photos stand out as we highlight the splash of colors that make them unique.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!