Investing in Jewelry Photo Reflection Removal Services to Achieve Stunning Images

Achieve flawless jewelry photographs with our premier jewelry reflection removal services. Let our team of experts transform your photos and feature the intricate details of your pieces – all without any distractions from stray reflections.

Partnering with Jewelry Retouchers can unlock the true radiance of your pieces. With our services, we can ensure that your jewelry photo shines with crystal-clear brilliance in every image.

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Enjoy High-Quality Images with Our Jewelry Photo Reflection Removal Services

In the jewelry industry, it’s crucial that your product images properly showcase the essence of your jewelry pieces. Since your consumers typically browse through them digitally, you want to capture their attention and let them appreciate your pieces through your photos.

Here at Jewelry Retouchers, our technical expertise ensures that we clear out any imperfections in your jewelry images to make them stand out.


Taking photos of rings up close can lead to unwanted reflections in your images. Trust us to remove any unwanted light glares or mirrored objects in your photos.


Getting the right angle when photographing necklaces can be difficult and can give you a lot of unnecessary reflections on their surfaces. But with our experience, we can remove any imperfections in your photos and capture your jewelry’s intricate details.


Similar to rings and necklaces, earrings are also very delicate to handle and photograph, which may end up in “noisy” photos. Let us clear your images and make sure that your photos showcase the jewelry’s shine.


Whether your bracelets have simple or more complex designs, it’s usually very reflective because of their make. Collaborate with us and ensure that your bracelets are well-presented without any unnecessary reflections on them.

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Getting the details of watches can be tricky since the face itself is glass, which bounces off light. Trust in our technical editing experience and let us showcase the detailed design of your watches without distractions from reflected light.



Diamonds are very reflective pieces that need the right light to really showcase their details. With our expertise, we can edit your diamond photographs and make sure that only the necessary sparkle stays in your images.

A Glimpse Into the Process of Our Jewelry Photo Reflection Removal Services

To remove any reflections from your jewelry images, our team uses various editing tools to clear out imperfections.

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Clone Stamp Tool

What the clone stamp tool does is it copies “clean” areas of your photo to the area you want to improve. We typically choose an area with similar textures and colors minus the reflections and brush it over to the area we want to edit.


Spot Healing Brush Tool

Similar to the clone stamp tool, the healing brush tool also copies pixels and pastes them over another area in the photo. Their differences lie in the results, since the healing brush results in a more consistent texture and color.


Content-Aware Fill

With the content-aware fill, the area you selected will copy the pixels from its surrounding and copy that to the subject area. It’s a more automated way of copying pixels and is perfect to use if there are many reflections to remove.

Impeccable Jewelry Reflection Removal Services by Industry Experts

With our team’s proficiency in different editing techniques and programs, we make sure to create stunning images that put your jewelry in the best light.

Trust that our experience and portfolio as a jewelry retouching service will give your jewelry the attention they need, so that its intricacies are translated with every image. Whether you need simple touch-ups or complex photo compositions, we are your ideal partner.

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