Differences Between These Reflective Stones

Find out the differences between these reflective stones here!

For the discerning jeweler or jewelry enthusiast, being able tell Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia apart is a must-have skill so you know you’re getting every bang for your buck. In this quick guide to Diamond and Cubic Zirconia, we will show you how to tell the two apart so you can gain a discerning eye for your gems!

How Do I Tell the Two Apart?


Despite their similar reflective appearances, Cubic zirconia is actually a lab-manufactured Zirconium Dioxide. This mineral is a mix of plastic and glass, combining properties from both substances. On the other hand, Diamonds are a naturally occurring element made out of both pressurized and compressed carbon. Its natural origins make it a rarer, but more impressive material.


Cubic Zirconium may be much cheaper than a diamond, but it scratches and wears very fast. On the other hand, As the hardest material in the world, Diamonds are used in a number of industrial applications, so any proud owner of a Diamond piece will not have to worry about your jewelry incurring scratches while you wear it.

In Conclusion…

If you are looking for visual differences, you will have to train your eye. Visually, there may not be much difference at a first glance. But the way they were created makes all the difference in their quality and durability.

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