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When it comes to jewelry, birthstones are easily some of the most post personal choices you can opt for. Dictated by our birth month or zodiac sign, these stones are often worn as statement jewelry. If you are shopping for a unique piece of jewelry or looking to put up a jewelry line of your own, get to know the different birth stones and their meanings in this handy guide that we put together!

Garnet: The Birthstone of January

Garnet is an umbrella group of silicate materials and comes in a variety of forms. Most commonly described as a red gemstone with a fiery orange red undertone that gives its distinct color combination, its rich, scarlet pigmentation embodies the following symbols and traits: heart, love, life force, inner fire, and blood.

Garnet birth stone holders are said to have passionate hearts and peerless determination, making it perfect for a go-getter born in January.

Amethyst: The Birthstone of February

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that comes in a purple color. Frequently tagged as ‘a stone of peace and calmness’, it is said to bring serenity and patience to people who wear this stone as an accessory. With a striking purple or lavender color that gives it a distinctive appearance, the unique beauty of an Amethyst is unmistakable and memorable.

An Amethyst accessory is a great pick for a February celebrant who needs a little bit of zen in their life.

Aquamarine: The Birthstone of March

Fun fact but aquamarine is actually another name used for the blue tinted, gem-quality mineral beryl! This mermaid-esque stone has colors that range from a very light, almost-no-saturation blue to a more saturated and vibrant variant. The Aquamarine stone symbolizes transformation and rebirth due to it being the first spring birthstone. As its color is similar to the ocean, it is also associated with tranquility, serenity, clarity and harmony.

Snag an Aquamarine piece for a March baby whose been through a major milestone or transformation in their life!

Diamond: The Birthstone of April

This high-end birthstone is said to be every girl’s best friend. Made of highly pressurized carbon, diamonds are known to be the strongest gemstone on Earth. In fact, this material is so tough that it is commonly used in some industrial applications such as cutting tools. However, its most popular use remains to be for jewelry. This is because of the alluring shine and luster that are unique to this famous stone. Diamonds are easy to recognize based on their refractive properties. One way to tell if a stone is a real diamond is because of its distinctive rainbow colors, refracting all over the place.

Due to its clear nature and powerful refractive properties, diamonds are said to symbolize light, life and the Sun, an emblem of perfection and purity.

Aside from engagements and weddings, Diamonds have a home in the jewelry collections of April celebrants in your life that feel like actual rays of sunshine with their positive spirit.

Emerald: The Birthstone of May

Emerald, like Aquamarine, is another variety of the mineral beryl. However, it has a much stronger green color due to trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium within the mineral. Emerald is one of the most renowned gemstones alongside Ruby & Sapphire because of its rich hues. This particular stone is at its most desirable with variations that range from a bluish sea green to a verdant pure green. Emerald symbolizes true love and abundant wealth. It’s striking green color also represents the beauty of nature, hope, renewal and growth.

Gift this birthstone to your eco-friendly May buddy with a chic sense of style!

Pearl: The Birthstone of June

Unlike most stones on this list, the Pearl is a birthstone that requires a little dip into fresh or saltwater to be acquired. Made out of calcium carbonate, pearls form inside a shelled organism reacting to an irritant or infection. The organism envelops this irritant with the same material its shell is made of. Pearls are easily recognizable by their smooth, glistening surface that typically comes in a stunning off-white. Symbolizing perfection and incorruptibility, this seaborne birthstone is also associated with long life and fertility.

Give this classic fashion must-have to your June-borne friends that have the same classic style as vintage icons like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe!

Ruby: The Birthstone of July

Perhaps one of the most stunning stones on this list, the Ruby is characterized by a bold, blood-red color with a pinkish undertone. The ruby is actually a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). Interestingly enough, another variety of this same mineral actually comes in blue—resulting in a Sapphire stone. The Ruby is considered as the King of Gems. Because of this, it is recognized by European royalties as the gem that guarantees its wearer good health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love.

Snag some Ruby accessories for a best bud born in July to get their lovelife going!

Peridot: The Birthstone of August

Coming in a fun, matcha green, Peridot is a variety of the mineral Olivine that has iron and magnesium present within. This is what gives Peridot its distinctive yellowish green color. Much like the pearl, this particular stone is produced by a reaction within the elements. Peridot stones are the result of volcanic activity and are known to be the stone of compassion. They are also associated with harmony, good health, restful sleep, and peacefulness.

Pick out a unique Peridot jewelry piece for your August birthday buddy that needs a little harmony and balance back in their life.

Sapphire: The Birthstone of September

This regal royal blue gem is actually another variety of conundrum—the same mineral that forms ruby. Sapphires come in a variety of different colors, but its most famous and popular color is its distinct royal blue hue. This is why sapphires are considered a symbol of wisdom, good fortune, and holiness for monarchs and nobles.

Pick out a regal Sapphire piece for the Virgos in your life that embody strong and wise leadership!

Opal: The Birthstone of October

Opals are made of tiny silica spheres, which forms when silica rich water seeps into deep Earth. You can distinguish an Opal from other stones by the magnificent display of iridescent rainbow colors across its surface. Known to be a stone of seduction, it symbolizes love, passion, desire and eroticism. Conversely, it is also said to be a potential ‘stabilizer’ in a relationship– said to bring loyalty and faithfulness to a rocky romance.

Gift this stunning spectrum of color to an Octoberian friend that needs a little spice or stability in their bad romance (or lack thereof).

Topaz: The Birthstone of November

Topaz is a rare silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. It is a favorite gemstone among jewelers due to its wide range of colors. However, the true color of a topaz is actually that of a transparent colorless crystal just like natural corundum. However, its most common and popular iteration is that of a fiery orange hue.

Though pictured below in a light blue, the Topaz stone actually gives a fiery energy which symbolizes nobility, love, passion and purpose. Pick up a Topaz piece for a feisty friend celebrating their birthday this November!

Turquoise: The Birthstone of December

The Turquoise stone is an opaque bluish green mineral that is born from hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper. You can easily recognize a turquoise stone by its unique bluish green hue. Sometimes, you can even see dark cracks running across its surface, which give the soft stone Turquoise some character and uniqueness. As it is another stone that resembles the colors of the seas and ocean, Turquoise also symbolizes wisdom, tranquility, protection and good fortune. It is said in Native American tradition, that tracks along a Turquoise would mean that the stone granted you protection from something bad!

Splurge a little for a Christmas and birthday gift for your Capricorn buddies that have gifted you plenty of wisdom and tranquility in your life!

We hope that this in-depth guide to birthstones will be of great help to your jewelry shopping or stocking needs! If you need any help with jewelry retouching or photography for your online shop, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts over here at Jewelry Retouchers!

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