Christmas Jewelry Photography

Christmas Jewelry Photography Ideas to Try

There’s no other time to showcase your best jewelry pieces than the holidays. After all, beautiful jewelry really does amplify the yuletide cheer. If you have incredible pieces that you want featured this holiday season, why not try using a Christmas concept for your jewelry photography?

December is also the season of gift-giving. As the holidays draw nearer, it’s definitely the time to highlight your jewelry through photography. Showcase your pieces as the perfect presents with a creative Christmas concept and high-end jewelry retouching.

Need some jewelry photoshoot ideas for Christmas? Check out some brilliant suggestions for your pieces!

Holiday Photoshoot Ideas for Jewelry

Yuletide shoots are often associated with mistletoes and pine trees. While these motifs are absolutely viable elements for your shoots, you can also try more unique and elegant themes to keep your pieces the center of attention.

From classic gift bows to luxurious satins, here are some Christmas photoshoot ideas to try with your jewelry:

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Silver Wonderland

Christmas and December bring the cool weather, making your silver pieces the eye-catching ornament for holiday looks. While we don’t have winter in the Philippines, you can still evoke the cool and luxurious vibe of the season with a winter-themed holiday shoot. Your silver and white-gold pieces can be the perfect snowflakes that complement the pristine coolness of winter.

Cozy Gold and Holiday Warmth

The holidays are the perfect time to cozy up with warm sweaters and jackets. But aside from these Christmas staples, accessories are also another source of visual warmth. This is where your gold pieces shine.

Gold jewelry brings an elegant and lush glow to any look. It also gives a romantic warmth to any outfit. If you’re searching for a way to highlight your gold pieces, consider having a rustic holiday shoot. With the help of a flawless jewelry retouch, the beautiful contrast between your fine pieces and the homely setting will elevate your jewelry on another level.

Red and Green

An easy way to tie in Christmas and jewelry in your photography is through colors. Red and green, for instance, are signature yuletide colors that you can use in your holiday shoots. If you’ve been having a hard time conceptualizing an overarching theme, then consider using a color palette instead!

With a red and green color palette, you can easily use a variety of holiday motifs in your photoshoot. From poinsettias to lanterns, there are a ton of Christmas photoshoot ideas and motifs to choose from. You can also pick stunning emerald or ruby jewelry to feature as these gemstones are perfect for the color palette.

A Bow on Top

Holiday gifts are traditionally wrapped with a beautiful bow on top. This playful element can be a wonderful addition to your Christmas photoshoot. Incorporating these ideas and using them as a frame or backdrop to your jewelry is a whimsical way to use the yuletide theme.

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Family Heirlooms

Christmas parties and family reunions are a staple of December. With all the festivities going around, the best outfits and the best jewels are bound to make an entrance. And that means the appearance of gorgeous family jewels!

If you’re looking for a holiday season photoshoot that tells a story with jewelry and photography, why not show off your striking pieces? Feature your classic and timeless jewelries–the ones that families will keep for generations to come. Romantic and elegant, a family heirloom shoot is a classy theme that plays perfectly well with the grandeur of the season.

No Coals, Only Diamonds!

Diamonds are a classic and a staple of luxury jewelry. These precious stones are always going to be valued–no matter what time of the year it is. Christmas is, of course, no exception.

A brilliant Christmas concept for your jewelry photography is to take the stories of Santa Claus giving coal to the naughty children and putting a clever twist on it. Since diamonds and coals are both made of carbon, a shoot that cheekily brushes on this similarity is a smart and fun way to feature these precious stones. With the best jewelry retouching techniques, this concept can easily show off the shine and luster of your best jewelry pieces.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Aside from presents, a Christmas tree is an undeniable part of the holiday season. After all, almost every home will have a tree adorned with beautiful ornaments and a shining star on top. Take advantage of the fact that each tree is designed differently and make this yuletide staple a backdrop for your lovely pieces.

For a shoot like this, you can showcase several choice pieces or even your whole collection! Hang them up your Christmas tree , just like you would put up tree ornaments. Make sure to take the proper precautions and handle your pieces delicately! The end result is a stunning and glamorous tree, perfect for a luxurious holiday feel.

What do you need when executing Christmas concepts for jewelry photography?

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Seasonal product photography can be incredibly complicated. With two things to think about, the theme and the products, striking the perfect balance is essential. Having the proper materials make a ton of difference in these situations.

But how do you tastefully execute the perfect blend between Christmas and jewelry in your photography?

Check out some of these tips, tricks, and essentials for your holiday task:


Any photographer would tell you that lighting is everything when it comes to photos. This continues to hold true in product photography, most especially in jewelry photography. Lighting makes a huge difference in the shine and luster of metals and stones in photos.

Since you’ll be dealing with products that may look different in various lighting setups, it’s important to have some consistency. Many experts recommend that you use natural light for jewelry photography. However, if that’s not possible, soft lighting is best. Avoid harsh lighting situations as they drown out the shine of your pieces.

Camera Lens

Professional product photographers take incredible care when they take photos. After all, they need to feature the small and subtle details of a product. This is why aside from their techniques, they also use special lenses to capture product photos.

For jewelry, capturing the small intricate details is an absolute must. If you are hiring a photographer, chances are they already have the proper equipment. On the off chance that they do no or if you are opting to do your own product photography, then make sure you have a prime lens in your kit. A prime lens creates sharper and more defined photos, perfect for highlighting the key details of your jewelry.

An Awesome Editing Team

Gone are the days of fretting about how to edit photos. Whether it’s from sheer volume or imperfect captures, a skilled photo retouching team can bring out the highlights of your collection easily. No more blurry and unremarkable photographs!

An important thing to remember about working with a photo editing team is that they need open communication. While it’s simple to say that you need this or that, explaining how you’ll be using the photos and the theme you’re going for is a huge help. This allows your team to retouch photos based on your needs rather than just creating generic edits.

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