Best Photo Editing Software for Jewelry

Best Photo Editing Software for Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, even the most skilled product photographers equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lighting fixtures need jewelry retouching and jewellery editing services for their photos. Jewelry is a tricky product to photograph with its reflective elements and minuscule details that exude luxury. This means that it can be difficult to balance settings and focus while also controlling the environment to get the best image. In these cases, you’ll need a reliable jewelry photo editing app to add the final touches to your product images.

There are plenty of photo editing software programs available online and at computer stores that sell editing software. But not all of them are equal. Here are our picks for the best photo editing apps and software for jewelry images that can handle the complex nature and steps of jewelry retouching. Whether you’re an independent jeweler looking for a basic photo editing app to improve your business’ images or a professional photographer who’s looking for something more advanced to expand their work to jewelry product photography, these jewelry editing and retouching software programs can be very helpful for your needs.

Adobe Photoshop

A staple in any photographer or photo editor’s retouching and editing arsenal, Photoshop’s software is a must-have for editing jewelry. For beginners in jewelry retouching, you’ll find plenty of tutorial videos online that can help you master the skills essential for creating stunning jewelry images. With time and practice, you could easily teach yourself the ins and outs of product photography to improve your images.

Photoshop is fairly user-friendly enough to help beginners play around and get accustomed to photo editing and retouching. But it also has advanced-level features that can help more seasoned photographers and editors achieve the best look for their images. From editing the tiniest flaws reflected in the jewelry, to adjusting the lighting of the different elements, to repairing the texture and other blemishes on your product, you should get Photoshop as an all-around tool.

For most photographers and editors who want better control of their editing, need a wider array of tools available to them, and are dealing with a large number of images to edit, Adobe Photoshop for Windows or Mac is ideal. Apps like Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Fix are great for small business owners who want something more automated and convenient.

Pro-tip: Do you have an expansive business for creatives? Instead of buying each program, consider investing in the Adobe Creative Cloud to get access to a number of useful applications you’ll need to improve your services.

Adobe Lightroom

Another must-have program for professional product photography is Lightroom. On a basic level, Lightroom allows you to change settings like contrast and brightness during post-production. Beginners can take advantage of Lightroom’s different present filters which can change an image’s warmth and tone, allowing you to match your images to meet your branding and aesthetic. They also have access to Adobe’s tutorials and a community of editors in Lightroom Discover. More advanced editors, on the other hand, can create their own presets to create a uniform effect or manually adjust each photo to their vision.

Adobe Lightroom is available as a more extensive tool on the PC or Mac, as well as an app version for Android and iOS that lets you use the most useful tools. If you want the wide range of tools available, editing on a desktop or laptop is best. However, if you’re on the go and need more versatile ways to edit, Lightroom also has you covered. A Lightroom account can let you start your editing project on your mobile device, save your work, and then continue on your desktop.


A popular mobile app for social media users who want to tweak their images for their aesthetic, Picsart is also a possible jewelry retouching app that small business owners and independent jewelers can use. While there is a learning curve for some of the manual features, many of its features make it easier to improve the quality of your image.

Picsart has a lot more features than the average photo editing app. That’s because it’s a mixture of the professional editing tools necessary to enhance the quality of your images, as well as creative features that can help you match your brand’s aesthetic without the need for additional software to help you play around.

It’s available on both iOS and Android and offers basic photo editing features for free, but you’ll need to purchase a Picsart Gold membership to get access to its extensive tools and effects. You can try Picsart Gold’s 7-day trial period to help you experiment and see if it’s the best photo editing app for jewelry and similar products. And with premium features like a quick erase tool, color correcting, preset effects, templates, and other ways to enhance your images, it might just be what you’re looking for.


Another popular app for social media users, VSCO is best known for its filters and basic image settings. VSCO touts itself as a “desktop quality photo editor in an app” and has over 200 preset filters to adjust your image to improve its appearance and match your aesthetic. VSCO also has features for video editing, which can be a plus if you want to go beyond product photography for jewelry.

VSCO has a free version with an option to try its premium account for 7 days. To get full access to everything VSCO has to offer to help your product photography, you’ll have to pay a yearly fee. This app is best for jewelry images that lean toward the more creative side and need presets from the VSCO community to achieve stunning imagery.


Featuring high-quality filters and precise editing tools, Afterlight offers users a simplified but comprehensive way to edit their images. On top of the usual photo editing tools needed to remove blemishes and enhance the appearance of your product, Afterlight also provides creative editing features like its prism effect and real film light leaks. This can allow you to play around and try to find settings that match your brand’s aesthetic.

Afterlight is available for download for all Apple products. While the app’s free version provides a good amount of photo editing tools and preset filters, you’ll need to purchase a monthly or yearly fee to gain access to everything Afterlight has to offer.

Find the Best Photo Editing App for Your Jewelry Photography

Jewelry can be a tricky subject when it comes to product photography, which is why some level of retouching is necessary to produce the best results. If you’re browsing for different ways how to edit jewelry photos, you can learn more about our top picks for the best photo editing software for jewelry that can make your products look their best. Not all features are equal, so it’s best to assess what you need for your photos and which one gives you the best results and user experience.

At Jewelry Retouchers, we understand the delicate balance and skill needed to produce top-notch images for product photography. Our team consists of seasoned advertising and photo editing mavens who can boost the visual appeal of your jewelry on camera. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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