Get the know-how on gold for better photo enhancement!

When working with jewelry, one of the most confusing materials to work with is gold. Not only does it have metallic properties that can make it tricky to play around with the light— it also comes in three kinds of hues. Learn the differences between yellow, white, and rose gold for a better idea of how to work with them when enhancing photos!

What are the Differences Between the 3 Types of Gold?

The differences between the three kinds of gold lie in their composition. Gold as a substance is actually far too malleable to serve as jewelry all on its own. Commercial use of gold requires other metal additives to provide it with the durability and rigidity it needs to hold its form. Below are the three kinds of gold, as well as their corresponding chemical composition.

1. Yellow Gold

This is the purest form of gold. Gold alone is too malleable to be a jewelry, which is why it needs to be mixed with copper and silver to survive wear and use.

2. White Gold

This type of gold is a combination of nickel, copper, palladium or zinc mixed with pure 24k gold. It is this composition that is used to achieve the distinct and classy white gold finish.

3. Rose Gold

Lending a softer, more feminine hue, this type of gold combines copper and pure gold. Combining these two metals is what gives Rose Gold its distinct pinkish hue.

How Do We Keep the Colors Consistent When Enhancing Them in Photos?

The key to this process is to make sure we look at the websites of our clients and know their aesthetics. By doing our due diligence in researching the aesthetic, as well as reviewing our past edits for our clients, we can then better replicate the editing techniques that we used for succeeding gold pieces.

One good tip that we can share with you is to always collect references that you can use for each editing process. This gives both our client and us an extra layer of assurance that we are consistent through and through with any and all of our edits.

What Kind of Gold is In Style this 2022?

Last 2021, the trend of over accessorizing was in the air. This resulted in many models and fashion houses sporting a lot of big pendants, chunky bling, and layers upon layers of bracelets, necklaces. Stacking on rows of rings and a line of earrings on the ears was also a big development in style.

This 2022, we can still expect this trend to continue, so don’t say goodbye to those big earrings and chunky cuffs just yet. Rock this trend by channeling 80s and 90s style icons as your base before adding long necklaces, chunky chains, chokers, big hoop and chandelier earrings for some glitz and glam.

We hope that this guide to gold can help you differentiate the three better and guide you in stocking your website or online store pieces. If you would rather focus on your business, you can leave the jewelry retouching to us! Stay in trend and show off those accessories with a touch of photo enhancement and fashionable styling!

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