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Snap Jewelry Photos That Will Make a Sale!

This pandemic has given rise to all sorts of unique problems—one of which is at home photoshoots. As it is, photography was already a complex and highly technical skill to learn, but to turn our homes into a studio and to shoot our subjects as well as possible is sometimes not just a luxury, but a necessity depending on the situation. But in a time where meeting up is discouraged and our personal health is on the line, some adjustments need to be made.

One of the most difficult subjects to photograph, especially outside of a studio setting, is jewelry. Unlike more flexible subjects like living, or even other products, there are a lot of considerations that have to be made when taking the perfect photo of precious accessories. Whether you are commemorating a special moment like a quarantine proposal, or maybe you run an online business selling precious and high-quality jeweled accessories, there are a number of things you need to take to shoot the best photos possible.

With no end to the pandemic in sight, online sellers need to seriously think about investing in good photography equipment for high quality product shots. This is especially true for jewelers and jewelry shops that need to rely on their online catalogues to make a lasting impression on their customers that can lead to purchase. Follow these easy steps for better jewelry photos at home.

1. Get the right equipment

Purchasing the right equipment can spell a world of difference between an amateur and a pro.  Here are some useful tools that you may want to look into:

DSLR Camera and Lenses

A good quality camera can capture all the details of your piece. Buying a good set of lenses will make this even better. Showcase the quality of craftsmanship and material by zooming in to get all those gorgeous details on display for your customers to appreciate.


Not all photos of your pieces need a hand model. Aside from letting the piece speak for itself, this also allows you to show potential customers the product from many different angles without having to touch the product itself. Lessening your contact with the item as you shoot it also means you are less likely to leave fingerprints and smudges on it over the course of the photoshoot. Less smudges mean less polishing with the microfiber cloth in between takes. Save time, money, and effort by purchasing a tripod to do most of the adjusting for you.


While the first two pieces of equipment are probably already lying around at home, this one is a bit more of a special purchase. When it comes to jewelry, you always need to shoot in neutral lighting. This shows your jewelry pieces in their most accurate, true to color form. Customers need this level of accuracy to make a well-informed purchase. Save yourself and the customer the hassle of a potential return by picking up a good lighting system!

Pro Tip: Lights can run a little expensive, so it is understandable if you can’t make the purchase just yet. Shoot your pieces in bright, natural lighting like out in your garden or by a large window. You may have to deal with time constraints of sunlight, but it beats having to make a purchase you aren’t ready for.

White Backdrop with Clamps or Tape

Nothing can ruin a photo like a bad backdrop. Matte white backgrounds like canvas or cartolina are a lifesaver for home shoots, but they can be a headache to manage if you don’t anchor them properly. Not only does this waste a lot of time, but you also run the risk of damaging your products with a scratch or two should your backdrop send them flying. Secure your backdrops with strong tape or metal clamps to keep them from moving around and destroying your set and composition.

Cleaning Kit and Cotton Gloves

For an at home shoot featuring jewelry, be sure to keep a microfiber cloth and cotton gloves around for some quick cleaning in between takes. Accidents and smudges are bound to happen, but minimizing the time you need to clean pieces every other photo will save you the hassle. Boost overall productivity and get things done asap.

2. Come in with a plan

Planning in advance for your shoot gives you ample time to shop for the things that you might need. Whether you are lacking in the equipment listed above or you have a concept in mind that needs specific props, having a plan gives you a schedule to stick to and a vision to realize.

3. Apply Post-Production

Never underestimate the power of running your photos through post-production processing. Post prod can completely transform the look of your final photo by creating sharper, truer to color images that will catch the eye of your target customer. Factors like contrast, color balance, and sharpness all contribute to the final look of your photo and are all your customer really has to go on before making a decision to purchase. There is no harm in brushing up on your editing skills, but you can always simplify your life by hiring a provider of jewelry retouching for ecommerce. Focus on running the rest of your business and leave retouching to industry veterans that can make the final touches for you.

We hope that these three steps will help you run your jewelry business a little easier. Run at home photoshoots of your own with these newfound tips and impress customers both new and old!

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