Sell Stylish Jewelry Online

Sell Stylish Jewelry Online with This Handy Guide!

In this pandemic, many citizens have turned to their passions in order to create unique business opportunities for themselves. Whether they pursue these opportunities as a part-time engagement for some extra income or take full-charge of them as a new venture by working on them full-time, many Filipinos are enjoying the chance to explore their entrepreneurial side. There are those who prefer to peddle goods that are handmade, like trendy pandemic eats such as egg drop sandwiches, and baked sushi trays. Others focus on unique, hand-crafted items like custom keycaps, one-of-a-kind garments, and artisanal jewelry.

Some business-minded folk prefer the buy and sell business model—purchasing goods that they themselves love. Whether thrifted or brand new, business owners have found a way to procure and sell anything. From books to designer clothes, and even jewelry, you are sure to find these listings being sold anywhere.

With current circumstances as they are however, the purchasing experience that business owners rely on so much has been cut short. Prospecting buyers can no longer try on their desired pieces in-store to guarantee the perfect fit and style. For jewelry in particular, this poses quite the problem.

Part of the appeal that comes with shopping for jewelry is the visual impact it creates when we see and fit it for the first time. In order to make a sale with such a visual and luxurious product, it has to be experienced by the customer. Whether preloved or brand new, a precious piece of jewelry is a good that many customers need to feel a connection to. Due to the limitations of the current circumstances, this is a tall order to fulfill—but not impossible, especially with the right tools.

For many aspiring business owners in the pandemic, making the switch from offline to online should be a piece of cake. But if you are a first-time seller of a visually impactful item like jewelry, we understand how you can feel a little lost knowing where to start. To help you take the leap, we put together a short guide on putting up your first online shop for your jewelry pieces!

1. Assess your current offerings

When putting up your first online business, a good place to start would be to take a look at what’s already there. Review what kind of jewelry you sell. Do you deal in unique, handcrafted pieces that lean more artistic and kitschier with uncut stones and asymmetry? Go for a modern and crisp look in your website content. Or perhaps you love the look of precious gems with a clean cut and neat bands of gold or silver? Elegant visuals that let a piece shine are your best bet. Get an idea of what your shop’s identity is, and let that dictate how you create your material and plan your shoots.

2. Showcase your pieces

Selling visually stunning items like jewelry rely a lot on their appearance to draw customers in. Plan shoots around the identity you have decided on in step number one and capture your pieces in the best way possible. Feature them in a variety of shots for the customer to experience them. As a rule of thumb, it may be best to start with the following:

• Showroom or Look book

These photos are meant to capture your products as accurately as possible. Keep your background simple so you can focus on the subject, but feel free to add in a prop or two to help give your customers a better idea of the dimensions of the piece and its actual size. Showroom or look book shots should also be taken with lighting that is as neutral as possible. Stay away from warm studio lights that lean warm white to yellow to avoid altering the colors on the band and of the stone.

• Detail Shots (aka Zoomed Shots)

For some customers, it really is about attention to detail. Whether you recruit the services of a professional photographer or you invest in a set of hi-res lenses for your own camera, detail shots are often the bread and butter of business owners selling quality jewelry pieces. Showcase the craftsmanship and quality of all your dazzling accessories with detail shots.

• Lifestyle

Allow your customers to experience the product by letting them step into someone else’s shoes. A model completing their look with one of your pieces is a great way to show off its versatility and style. Is it best for special occasions or is it more of a black-tie affair? Populate your socials and your website with stunning lifestyle photos

While there are many ways to experiment with your content photos, you can never go wrong with these three basics.

3. Anticipate their questions

Whether you sell jewelry or not, anticipating your customers’ questions allows you to address their FAQs ahead of time. Include commonly asked questions in the captions and writeups of your website, to lessen the time you spend entertaining their questions while speeding up the process of them making a purchase. If you are not too sure what to put, here are a few basics you can stick to.

  • Sizing Chart (Fixed or Custom)
  • Price
  • Materials (band & chain, precious stones)
  • Piece Details (style, karat, shape of stone, type of Cut)
  • Payment Options

With these three steps, you will surely have a good foundation for putting up your online jewelry shop. However, if you want to really up the ante on your shop’s wow factor, consider enlisting the services of a jewelry retouching services provider. As experienced creative professionals, they know all the best adjustments to make to highlight a piece of jewelry’s best angles and features while leaving the photo as accurate as possible for the benefit of the customer. Partner with seasoned professionals and run a successful jewelry store online today!

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