For brands and buyers alike, embossing is a big deal.

Every piece of jewelry created is the product of hard work, creativity, and masterful craftsmanship. Because of this, it is only natural that jewelry makers and sellers want to make sure that their names are known to their buyers and customers. Giving these pieces a share of their identity is what makes branding so important. This is where embossing comes in. Photo retouchers provide the last layer of QA and enhancement, so we like to make sure that the logos of any jewelry we work on will be visible and known to our clients.

What is the Embossing Enhancement Process?

Over here at the Jewelry Retouchers HQ, we apply different Photoshop tools and techniques that enhance the existing embossed logo of the jewelry in our client photos. This improves the clarity of the embossed name or logo and makes it easier for potential customers to identify the jewelry house the piece originated from.

These techniques include (but are not limited to) creating a precise Path or layer based on the logo of the brand and hitting the Effects section on the layer menu to apply the Bevel & Emboss effect to the path.

What if there is no Existing Embossed Logo?

If the client desires, we can also add the embossed logo effects in Photoshop ourselves by meticulously executing processes that only professional and experienced retouchers can do. To do this, we will work with a simple flat logo from the client and transform it.

First, we place it on the jewelry and create a Path based on the flat logo if necessary. Next, we apply the same Bevel and Emboss effect that we would if we were working with an existing embossed logo.

Play around with the settings and properties of the photo so that the embossing looks natural to the naked eye.

We hope that this simple and quick guide to embossing brand names and logos can be of help to your own jewelry e-commerce endeavors or shoots. Should you require any assistance or jewelry retouching services just like brand or logo embossing, feel free to get in touch with us!

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