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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Jewelry Photography

To maximize your product’s impact, you’ll want your jewelry to look as beautiful as possible in photos. That’s why it’s important to take the time to learn about jewelry product photography and avoid making common mistakes that can prevent potential customers from being able to appreciate the beauty of your pieces. We’re here to give

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Christmas Jewelry Photography Ideas to Try

There’s no other time to showcase your best jewelry pieces than the holidays. After all, beautiful jewelry really does amplify the yuletide cheer. If you have incredible pieces that you want featured this holiday season, why not try using a Christmas concept for your jewelry photography? December is also the season of gift-giving. As the

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Necklace Photo Retouching Tips

Necklace photo retouching is a must for any photos that want to highlight the beauty and elegance of a stunning neck piece. Often small and dainty, necklaces often get muddled in photographs. These slight errors may make a striking piece look lackluster and dull. With the proper jewelry editing, these situations can be avoided completely.

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bracelet photography

Beating the Creative Block: Bracelet Photography Ideas

The task of coming up with new bracelet photography ideas for your next product shoot can move a little slowly, especially if you’ve used up all the props you have on hand and feel like you’ve exhausted all your options. And here at Jewelry Retouchers, we understand how coming up with new ideas for bracelet

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The A to G of Earrings Photoshoot Ideas and How to Photograph Earrings

Coming up with your own photoshoot ideas for earrings can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing so. The proverb, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a cliché that applies to content everywhere. In today’s digital age, eye-catching photos are critical in getting possible customers to click on your content

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How to Retouch Ring Photos for your Catalog

A brand’s catalog is essential for any company because it affects a potential client’s perception of the brand and its offerings. So, when it comes to jewelry and creating a catalog for your pieces, you’ll want only the most visually appealing photos of your rings. Even the most proficient photographers won’t get the perfect shot

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A Quick Guide on How to Retouch and Edit Bracelet Photos for Lifestyle Shoots

Lifestyle shoots are a great way to showcase your product in a different fashion. The process of taking photos of bracelets in this type of shoot will usually come with a great deal of product styling, prop arrangement, and art direction. Even with careful planning and top-notch photoshoot direction, retouching and editing bracelet photos will

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Get the Best Light: Learn about Jewelry Photography Lighting

Jewelry photography lighting is an essential component of jewelry photoshoots and it is one of the most important factors to consider when making publicity materials. Not only does it help showcase the glamour and splendor of your jewelry collection but proper lighting can make a good picture great. This is why there are various jewelry

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Make Each Piece Shine: Photography Tips for Jewelry

First impressions are invaluable when it comes to retail. You have to entice your customers from the get-go, so your promotional materials should showcase the splendor and sparkle of your jewelry. Jewelry, however, is notorious for being difficult to photograph. This is because taking jewelry pictures is not straightforward as there are many factors to

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