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Luxury Photography

Diamond Photo Editing and Retouching Tips for Your Product Images

Real diamond jewelry pieces are a peak symbol of luxury that has stood the test of time. With the luxury, status, and price tag associated with diamonds, you’ll want your business’ images to reflect the flawless quality of your products on your website and ads. That’s why it’s important to know how to edit jewelry

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Jewelry Background Retouching Tips for Flawless Results

Performing jewelry retouching isn’t just limited to the jewelry piece itself. When clients expect the best results from their images, they’ll want flawless photos that are overall eye-catching while still highlighting the best features of their jewelry. Providing the highest level of service means taking care of every detail of an image, including the background.

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Jewelry Photo Shadows and How to Use Them for Stunning Product Photography

Shadows in your jewelry photos aren’t necessarily a bad thing. During jewellery editing, it’s a common mistake for beginner-level editors to remove all the shadows and retouch the rest of the jewelry. Unless specifically requested by a brand or client to match their aesthetic, removing all types of shadows in jewelry photos isn’t recommended. When

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Common Jewelry Retouching Mistakes You Might Be Making

Before using images of your jewelry on your website, ads, social media posts, or any other promotional materials, it’s important to have jewelry retouching done to all your images. A skilled photographer may be able to take good photos of a brand’s jewelry pieces, but this isn’t enough. And while there is no one right

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Jewelry Photography

7 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Jewelry Photos

As an online jewelry shop owner or manager, you might always be looking for different ways to add sparkle to the jewelry photos that you post on your website or social media profile. Making your jewelry pieces as eye-catching as possible online can help increase your sales and keep customers coming back. Adding sparkle to

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Jewelry Retouching in Photoshop 101

Taking photos of jewelry can be challenging. You might have some trouble capturing all the details of an intricate piece. Sometimes, capturing images of gems may also be difficult because they can look dull in photos and lose the spark your customers are looking for. This is a great challenge even for professional jewelry photographers.

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Jewelry Photography Props to Use on Your Next Photoshoot

Product photography isn’t always about the product – take jewelry, for instance. While your jewelry against a plain white background is always best for things like catalogs and product pages, a couple of creative shots of your jewelry can help with your branding and aesthetic, as well as help your customers have an idea of

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Best Photo Editing Software for Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, even the most skilled product photographers equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lighting fixtures need jewelry retouching and jewellery editing services for their photos. Jewelry is a tricky product to photograph with its reflective elements and minuscule details that exude luxury. This means that it can be difficult to balance settings

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Snap Jewelry Photos That Will Make a Sale!

This pandemic has given rise to all sorts of unique problems—one of which is at home photoshoots. As it is, photography was already a complex and highly technical skill to learn, but to turn our homes into a studio and to shoot our subjects as well as possible is sometimes not just a luxury, but

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