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jewelry photo editing

Find out jewelry photo editing tips that the team swears by!

Crafting jewelry and bejeweled accessories is no easy task. From creating a concept for your line and designing each piece with meticulous care and attention before having them executed by an experienced jeweler, every step is filled with your effort and planning. However, even the most well-crafted pieces can look lackluster with an inexperienced photographer

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Different Types of Sapphire

Sapphires are some of our favorite subjects to work with!

Did you know that Sapphires are actually one of the most durable, naturally occurring gemstones in the world? That’s right! This resilient stunner is actually a contender for the diamond’s popularity due to its hardiness. But that is not the only reason that sapphires are a top pick for many jewelry enthusiasts. Find out more

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Gold and Silver Rings

For brands and buyers alike, embossing is a big deal.

Every piece of jewelry created is the product of hard work, creativity, and masterful craftsmanship. Because of this, it is only natural that jewelry makers and sellers want to make sure that their names are known to their buyers and customers. Giving these pieces a share of their identity is what makes branding so important.

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Silver Ring with Gems

Removing reflections in photos is easier than you think!

Not all your customers will appreciate the sparkly look of a reflection that’s been cast into your photo. While there are those that enjoy the allure of a reflection on a polished piece, some customers find these tricks of the light to distract from the beauty of a jewelry piece. In this short article, we

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Gold Jewelries

Get the know-how on gold for better photo enhancement!

When working with jewelry, one of the most confusing materials to work with is gold. Not only does it have metallic properties that can make it tricky to play around with the light— it also comes in three kinds of hues. Learn the differences between yellow, white, and rose gold for a better idea of

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Jewelry Chain

A little retouching can make any jewelry chain sparkle!

When it comes to retouching jewelry, editing necklaces can be pretty involved. This is because they have intricate chains that need to be carefully cut out and cleaned up, along with the pendant. Normally, both the chain and the pendant are very detailed. This requires precision and a steady hand on the part of the

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Diamond rings

Find out the differences between these reflective stones here!

For the discerning jeweler or jewelry enthusiast, being able tell Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia apart is a must-have skill so you know you’re getting every bang for your buck. In this quick guide to Diamond and Cubic Zirconia, we will show you how to tell the two apart so you can gain a discerning eye

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Opal gem ring

Find out your birthstone and what it means here!

When it comes to jewelry, birthstones are easily some of the most post personal choices you can opt for. Dictated by our birth month or zodiac sign, these stones are often worn as statement jewelry. If you are shopping for a unique piece of jewelry or looking to put up a jewelry line of your

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